Ways To Submit at NOW19, The Yard, 5th-9th February

I’m very excited to be making a brand new show for The Yard’s NOW19 Festival next year. Ways To Submit will be on from Tuesday 5th – Saturday 9th February 2019, in a double bill with the wonderful Tim Spooner.

Ways To Submit is a show about dominance and submission. The ways we give in. The ways we take control. Through our bodies. Through what we say. Through the ways we experience the world. 

Ira invites you to a fantasy, a dialogue, a fight, a performance: a series of duets in which power is at work. 

Ways To Submit explores what is means to play at dominance and submission. And who has the privilege to ‘play’? It is about power and how we use it when we talk, fight and f*ck.

NOW19: Week 4: Tim Spooner & Tom Richards / Ira Brand
Tuesday 5th-Saturday 9th February 2019, 7.30pm
The Yard, Hackney Wick, London

Ticket booking here: theyardtheatre.co.uk.