A new project for Fraslab, 12th-14th March

I am very happy to have been invited by Frascati in Amsterdam to participate in their Fraslab programme this Spring. I’ll be spending a few weeks in the studio, starting to work on the research for a new performance project. There will be some (very first!) public sharings of the research on the 12th, 13th & 14th March, in a double bill with Jessie L’Herminez. Full details and tickets here: frascatitheater.nl.

This new project is called Commitment Phobe (for now!), and here’s something I wrote for Frascati about what I will be working on:

Commitment Phobe will explore (and celebrate) multiplicity, inconsistency, ambiguity, and doubt. It is a response to a perceived social and cultural demand for the clear, the certain, and the consistent – ways that we are taught it is worthwhile and understandable for a person to be. How can we conceive of doubt as a tool? How can we value ambiguity without making ourselves powerless?

For Fraslab, Ira will engage in a series of formal experiments, with a focus on the relationship between performer and audience, and the uncontrollable qualities of live performance. Ira’s process is often one of starting with broad conceptual questions, translating them into something embodied, visceral, human, and playful, and for Fraslab she will attempt to do the same.