Ira is a London-based artist, performance-maker and writer, originally from Germany. She works across theatre and live art, creating live performances that are rooted in a fascination with what it means and feels like to be human. Her shows are visceral, funny and tender attempts to explore often vast contemporary topics in a way that celebrates both personal and collective experience. Previous and current projects are about fear, ageing, love, anxiety, death, illness – large universal themes framed in a way that is always personal and relatable.

Ira’s performances draw on autobiography, a process of research and interviews, simple but striking imagery, video, and new writing, and she is increasingly interested in using an ‘untrained’ dance and movement language in her practice. Honesty and vulnerability as a performer are central, and the work often includes small moments of audience interaction. Ira’s work is evocative and intimate, and aims ultimately to make an audience re-consider themselves, and the world around them.

Ira regularly works in collaboration with other companies and artists, most recently Made In China (Gym Party) and Andy Field (put your sweet hand in mine).

She co-runs Forest Fringe ( with Andy Field and Deborah Pearson.