Festival Cement 2021 postponed: (like) the party has been cancelled

Date : February 20, 2021

I was due to present a new performance project, (like) the party has been cancelled, at Festival Cement in Den Bosch in March 2021. Due to ongoing lockdown restrictions and Covid-19 the festival has unfortunately (but understandably) been postponed.

Planning is underway for Cement Op Reis (Cement on Tour), which will hopefully present the works that were part of this year’s festival in different cities in Noord-Brabant later this summer. More on that as soon as there is more on that..! And more about the show below.

Like The Party Promo Image 800 wide

The party has been cancelled, and we’re staying home.
It looks like a mess out there.

This is a show about the impulse to bring order to mess, and the impulse to disrupt order. A collage performance of cut up bodies, grafted animals, half landscapes, recomposed histories, dissected worlds.

(like) the party has been cancelled is a reflection on meaning-making, and on personal, political, and cultural, systems of control. An intuitive, meditative, image trip, that attempts to burst its own banks and flood the room. With you in it.