Tender Absence: Run Club, 6th & 7th August, 17th & 18th September

Date : July 29, 2021

I’m currently making Run Club, a new performance experiment in which you can accompany me on a run through the city, as part of the lone|some programme of Tender Absence. It’s a live piece, but experienced remotely from wherever you are, for one person at a time. The first showings are next week on 6th and 7th August, with more coming up in September!

Run Club is a remote audio performance for one person at a time. An invitation to walk or travel as the performer is running, elsewhere – or even run along if you like. Listen to the body in motion. It is sweating, breathing heavily, exerting itself. Let the runner be your guide. Go on a journey inside an unfamiliar body and through an unfamiliar place. You and the runner, terrains mapping over each other.

Tender Absence is a festival of playful and intimate digital experiences from artists all over the world. It runs from July to October 2021. To see the full programme, and to book tickets go to: td.ongoing-project.org.