Ways To Submit at WATCH OUT Festival, Cambridge, 25th May

Ways To Submit is going to be part of Cambridge Junction’s annual one day festival of disruptive theatre and dance. WATCH OUT Festival is on Saturday the 25th May 2019, and there is a brilliant programme – I’m very proud to be in the company of these excellent artists.

Performances start from 12pm, day tickets are only £25, and the whole line-up is here: junction.co.uk/watch-out.

Fights & Desires: A Residency in Brazil

I am currently in Recife, Brazil, working with a group of twelve local artists to run a residency project called Fights and desires: exploring performance, audiences, and form. The residency is hosted and organised by TREMA! Plataforma De Teatro, with support of British Council Brazil.

We are working together for two weeks, with a sharing of some outcomes on Saturday 6th April. We’ve been making one-to-one pieces, and thinking about urgencies, resistance, encounters, the theatre space and the city… It’s a total privilege to be getting to know and share time with the artists here!

Reviews: Ways To Submit, NOW19 Festival

A few nice write-ups of my recent run of Ways To Submit at The Yard for NOW19:

“a fantastic and constantly surprising piece of theatre that discusses power on multiple levels”
The Spy In The Stalls, full review here.

“They teach you in Physics that energy neither originates nor disappears but rather transfers and converts into different forms; so power is always present in relationships, given and taken, passed from person to person. We’re watching an experiment that proves that.”
Exeunt Magazine, full review here.

Run Riot Blog: Ways To Submit

I wrote a short piece for Run Riot about my upcoming show, Ways To Submit, which is at The Yard 5th-9th February. It is a bit about the show, a bit about making processes, and a bit about uncertainty.

“…I have thought more and more about the relationships between gender, power, and desire, both in my personal life and in terms of the art I have been making. This is also often the way, my living and my making bleed into each other, and I rarely feel a curiosity satisfied or an idea ‘done with’ by the process of making a show. It’s more like adding fuel to the fire.”

You can read the full article here: run-riot.com.

Ways To Submit
Tuesday 5th-Saturday 9th February 2019, 9pm
In a double bill with Tim Spooner & Tom Richards, 7.30pm

The Yard, Hackney Wick, London
Tickets HERE.

DAS radio: A podcast for DAS Graduate School

As part of my masters studies I have been making a podcast for DAS Graduate School with two of my peers, Max Gadow and Samara Hersch.

DAS radio launched in November 2018. It is a conversation over dinner about art, community, and performance, and aims to open up the research and art practices at the school to the wider community of the city.

For each episode we invite a guest from within DAS and an external guest to attend a work with us in Amsterdam. The guests then join us for a three-course home cooked dinner inspired by what we have seen. 

DAS radio is not about critiquing an artwork but about the kind of conversations that can be opened up by an artistic encounter.

You can listen to the three episodes we made as a pilot for the project here: DAS radio.

Ways To Submit at NOW19, The Yard, 5th-9th February

I’m very excited to be making a brand new show for The Yard’s NOW19 Festival next year. Ways To Submit will be on from Tuesday 5th – Saturday 9th February 2019, in a double bill with the wonderful Tim Spooner.

Ways To Submit is a show about dominance and submission. The ways we give in. The ways we take control. Through our bodies. Through what we say. Through the ways we experience the world. 

Ira invites you to a fantasy, a dialogue, a fight, a performance: a series of duets in which power is at work. 

Ways To Submit explores what is means to play at dominance and submission. And who has the privilege to ‘play’? It is about power and how we use it when we talk, fight and f*ck.

NOW19: Week 4: Tim Spooner & Tom Richards / Ira Brand
Tuesday 5th-Saturday 9th February 2019, 7.30pm
The Yard, Hackney Wick, London

Ticket booking here: theyardtheatre.co.uk.

First Year Masters Presentations, Amsterdam, 23rd & 24th June

Incredibly I am nearing the end of the first year of my Masters study programme at DAS Theatre in Amsterdam. Current first year students will be sharing their research and short new works in public presentations on Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June.

I will be presenting a new experiment, The Fight Doesn’t Look Enough Like A Fight on Sunday 24th. An investigation into dominance, submission, and the desire to not be in control, trying to understand the body, and the performance space, as a site of resistance and a site of succumbing.

Attendance is free but booking is required, you can reserve a place by emailing dasgraduateschool@ahk.nl. Updates on the programme over here

as in an account of language not as in a meteor

I was asked to contribute a piece to the recent issue of Five Dials literary magazine, published for International Women’s Day 2018. The theme of the issue was ‘The Female Gaze’ and it features some really wonderful writings from many amazing women and non-binary people.

Download the issue and subscribe to Five Dials here: https://fivedials.com/back-issues/number-44-the-female-gaze/

My text, as in an account of language not as in a meteor, is right at the end – if you can make it that far!

Break Yourself in Amsterdam, 10th November

I’m performing Break Yourself in Amsterdam, as part of the Open Doors event for DAS Graduate School, where I am currently studying for my Masters. The Open Day is on Friday 10th November, and the performances are free. Full programme info here.

Forest Fringe Fusebox Podcast

Forest Fringe talked to Artistic Director of Fusebox Ron Berry and Curator Anna Gallagher-Ross for the new podcast series they have just launched alongside their new website. We spoke a bit about the history and a bit about the future of Forest Fringe, and a bit about art obviously. You can listen to our conversation here.

DAS Theatre Masters

As of September 2017 I am a student of the DAS Theatre Masters at the DAS Graduate School, Amsterdam. I was thrilled to have been invited to take up a place on this residential Masters at DAS, am excited to get stuck in to a range of research and making projects, and look forward to sharing more about my work here soon.

You can read more about the school and the programme here: http://www.ahk.nl/en/atd/theatre-programmes/das-theatre/about-das-theatre/.