Premiere: Commitment Phobe

Date : March 12, 2023

I’m excited to announce that my new show Commitment Phobe – which began as an idea back in 2020! – will premiere in April 2023, and then also be presented in London in May.

Commitment Phobe is an exploration of doubt in a society that values certainty. It is a response to a perceived social and cultural demand for the clear, the sure, and the consistent – ways that we are taught it is worthwhile and understandable for a person to be. It is about what it means to not know, to not choose, and to keep moving. 

Frascati, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Wednesday 19th-Saturday 22nd April 2023, 21:00 (Premiere: Thursday 20th)
Tickets: €10-€15

NOW 23 @ The Yard, London, England
Tuesday 2nd-Saturday 6th May 2023, 21:00
Tickets: €15/€17

The work is produced by Frascati Producties, in coproduction with wpZimmer, C-Takt, Festival Cement, and The Yard Theatre. Read more about the show here.